Pastor Don Kremer

Salt-Life Christian Fellowship

Dan Young is refreshing and inspirational. He is a rare kind of man whose principle of service to others is gauged by what is honorable, true and beneficial. His well proven personal and professional lifestyle depicts the uncommon character of someone who, without the hidden agenda of personal gain, consistently puts others first.


Wyoming doesn't need another professional politician whose agenda is soiled with tainted interests and self-serving motivations. This is one man whose word is his bond. I'll state my 34 years of Christian ministry on the credibility of Dan Young, and stand on the words of my recommendations for Dan Young as a Wyoming State Senator. Call me if you have any doubts. I'll be glad to share my insights and experiences regarding Dan Young.


Don McGee


Dan and his family have been helping people move towards thriving in their personal lives for 20 plus years, I am eager to see Dan’s experience, commitment and compassion work together to help Wyoming thrive as well.

Robert Wharff


I was excited when I heard that Dan Young had decided to run for Senate District 8!


Most of you probably already know him as Dr. Dan or the Country Doctor but for those of you who might not know him, I can attest to his honesty and integrity. Dan has both. In addition, he is a strong advocate for families and has a proven record of providing service and care for many members of his community.


Dan will bring a much needed fresh and new perspective as Wyoming continues to wrestle with extreme costs of healthcare services. As we look for ways to address these issues. Dan can bring a whole new perspective into the discussion.


As a true conservative, Dan is needed in the Wyoming State Senate, now more than ever. We need someone who will truly represent his district, stand on principles espoused by the Republican Party. I urge you to get to know Dr. Dan and support his candidacy.




Robert Wharff